Friday, July 21, 2017

The Friday 56 - #1

Heyyyyy! Have you noticed a lot of posts lately?

I've decided that I'd really like to have a bit more content on my blog, but I can't keep up with the reviews, and my reviews are usually too wordy anyway, nobody wants to see one of those every day! And much as I would love to just have an everyday chitchat-style post, as if we were sitting down for a coffee (for you, something cold and sweet for me) together, I'm just not quite there yet; I'm not quite comfortable enough in my writing style to make my very random ramblings quite so public without some themes and/or guidelines.

So, the next best option is to participate in some more weekly memes! Top Ten Tuesday is on hiatus until mid-August, and I am really not very good at coming up with my own theme ideas. As you may have noticed, I did It's Monday! What are YOU reading? this week (and hope to do a couple per month), and now I'm going to try doing some Friday 56 posts, a weekly meme hosted by Freda's Voice. So, without further ado, here is my very first (hence the #1 in the title) Friday 56 share:

"Did a shadow fall across the moon or did the moon simply go out, extinguished as abruptly and completely as a candle? There was still the sound of leaves, a terrified, terrifying rushing. All light was gone, Darkness was complete. Suddenly the wind was gone, and all sound."

This quote comes from page 56 of A Wrinkle in Time. I'm really not sure how I made it to nearly thirty without having ever even heard of this book series... But there you have it!
I just finished this book yesterday, and it was alright. Not quite as good as I had hoped, based on reviews I had heard. I'm still really excited to see the movie that's coming out next year, because that trailer looked awesome, and I'm sure they could do some fantastic theatrical things with the material. The text itself wasn't the most interesting to me (I'll try to do a review of it sometime in the future), but I love the theme and concept of the story, so I'm sure I'll adore the movie.


  1. Lovely blog!

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment, and for you reading my blog! :) Followed you as well.