Saturday, January 7, 2017


Obviously, as you will have learned if you've spent any amount of time reading this blog, I love books; own loads of books; am constantly buying tons of books; have a TBR list that's really more of a bin system that would probably take up my whole room if I put them all together....

Just a little while ago, I shared a list of 14 books that I am hoping to read this year, which were mostly books from OwlCrate boxes and ones I started but didn't finish last year (or previously). And the more I think about - the more upcoming book releases I see, the more unfinished reads I find in my room, the more books I find in a corner that I forgot I owned, the more amazing reads I hear about on the OwlCrate Society... the more stressed out I get.

Allow me to explain... I love reading, so much, and the more I hear/read about amazing-sounding books (and see the covers, oh, the covers *swoon*) the more I want to READ ALL THE BOOKS! And then I'll finally get my hands on one of these amazing books, and I'll start to read it, and it's great, but unfortunately I can't read all day, nor can I read a whole book in a day if I could read all day. There are things that come up (like that recurring pesky "work" business), and other hobbies/interests that take my time, so that I really don't end up getting through books very quickly. Which either results in trying to read several books at once (because it's just not going fast enough!) or just feeling totally stressed out that I can't possibly READ ALL THE BOOKS!

Anyway, just felt like venting about that for a little bit. I realize that this is such a silly thing to stress about, so please don't lecture me, all you practical-thinking people out there. I just felt like sharing. And maybe I should refer to it as a frustration rather than a stress. Semantics...

So, am I alone in this? Does anybody else feel this way, or get stressed out frustrated by not being able to read as many books as they'd like to, or in the time frame they'd like to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. 100%. I have so many books I want to read and they get waylaid by life. My goal this year is to try to read only (mostly) books that I already own. We'll see if I can follow through!

    1. I didn't set that goal, but if I had I would have already failed. Just ordered like 5 books today. It's a sickness...