Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tag: Newbie Book Blog

So I'm pretty new to this whole book blogging thing. I was sort of doing it a couple years ago, but wasn't very good, or consistent, so when I started back up last month, I considered a new birth rather than a rebirth... if that makes any sense...

Anyway, so I have been investing some time into reading other people's blogs and looking up ideas for blog content. Right now, I'm mostly just trying to get into a rhythm of publishing posts at regular intervals, that being every Wednesday. I have sporadically shared posts on other days, but I'm trying to be consistent with Wednesdays right now, and sticking mostly with reviewing the books I had read this year before starting the blog. So, in my nosing around the interwebs, I found Love and Other Bookish Things and her post entitled Book Blog Newbie Tag, in which she takes it upon herself to bring BookTube tags and such over into the book blogosphere. I love making up words. :)

So the following is my Newbie Tag, using Kirsten's version:

1. Why did you start this blog?
Well, basically, I have a terrible memory. So this is my little memory keeper, to remind me that yes, I did, in fact, actually read that book, and whether or not I liked it. When I first started blogging a couple years ago, I was literally talking about everything that happened in the book - spoilers much? I don't want to spoil anything for anyway, but at the same time, I do want to be able to remind myself what a book was about. So hopefully in the near future I'll figure out a way to balance the two to make everyone happy. :)

2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?
Uh, well... that's a pretty good question. I don't know. I'd like to think that I have kind of a quirky writing voice... When I was a teenager, I identified myself as being weird and bubbly... so I don't know, guys. I guess... I'm honest, and weird, and sometimes kind of fun and bubbly? I hope?

3. What are you most excited for about this blog?
Um... That's another good question. I mean, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for lots of readers and people to love me and all that, which I know is quite unlikely but there's still that hope... But I think really I'm just excited to be able to share the books I've read, and my love of books, with like-minded people!

4. Why do you love reading?
I love being able to fall in love, go on an adventure, learn magic, solve crimes, etc, without even leaving my bed. I love escaping into another world for a little while, meeting new people (even if they are fictitious), learning things...

5. What book or series got you into reading?
I've always been a reader and story-lover. I don't remember exactly how old I was when I learned to love to read, and I don't remember the first book I read on my own, so I can't really say what got me into reading. All I know is that I've always loved books, imaginary things, and stories.

6. What questions would you ask your favourite authors?
You know, I don't really think about things like this, meeting authors and asking them questions. I guess something I would ask a couple of authors would be, "Why did you choose to write in the voice of the opposite sex, and was it a challenege for you?"

7. What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?
The consistency of posting new content, for sure. That, and no spoilers. :)

8. When did you start reading?
I don't remember. First grade, probably, so like 7 years old? I mean, I was only reading little books that first graders read, but I remember being so proud of being able to read on my own, and adding books to my "have read" list.

9. Where do you read?
I have a favourite Lay-Z-Boy chair in the living room where I like to curl up to read, that's my preferred spot. I do read in bed, but I don't find it particularly comfortable, and sometimes on the deck or in the kitchen, wherever there's a chair... But I don't typically read other places outside my home. I have taken books with me places, but I find I get interrupted too much and end up having to re-read the bits I "read" while I was out.

10. What kind of books do you like to read?
Fiction, definitely fiction. I love me some Young Adult fiction, especially dystopian, and don't care who knows it! I also love murder mysteries, crime novels, and fluffy chick reads. And the (very) occasional non-fictional biography. But very rarely. :)

Well, I guess that's it! I hope you enjoyed my tag post. Let me know if you write one too! In the meantime, I'd like to tag my friend Paige at Paige From Book Club to do this!

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