Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The OwlCrate Society

I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I have been subscribed to OwlCrate for about a year, and it's been pretty awesome. I love being exposed to new books that I had not previously heard of, and would never have picked up on my own (because, honestly, there's only 1 out of the 12 I've received so far that I would have gone out and bought new). So it's been good for that, plus the book-related swag has been very cool. Some of it isn't necessarily useful or interesting to me, but I can re-gift those items. Most everything has been fun and interesting and I've also discovered new Etsy artisans along the way because of OwlCrate.

In addition to these discoveries, I've also fallen into a beautiful community of readers and writers who share my love of all things books, and OwlCrate! OwlCrate's creator Korrina Ede decided to start an official "book club" Facebook page called The OwlCrate Society where we can all share about books we're reading, deals & sales currently on, book hauls, TBR lists, OwlCrate stuff (of course), and several other topics. Not that I need to learn about or buy any more books, but it's so rewarding to see what other people are reading; to find out if that book that everyone's talking about is actually any good; to make suggestions of books I love to others; to have a sense of community that I don't necessarily have in my life otherwise.

Along with all the fabulous book talk, there are also several book bloggers in the group. It is through the sharing of their amazing blogs that I was inspired to re-establish my own blog. Not that mine will ever be anywhere near as in-depth or interesting as some of theirs, which I felt bad about for a minute... But then I remembered what I wrote in my "first" post, from early last month... That this blog is really just for me. If other people read and enjoy it at the same time, that would be so great!

I will not, however, let myself feel bad about not being a professional reader and blogger. I read a lot, compared to others in my circle, but I can not read several books in a week. I enjoy reading, but to read that much, it would almost be a chore. When I love a book, I can get through it in about a week, maybe a weekend if there's nothing else going on. But there have been very few books I've loved enough to do that, or very few weekends that have been slow enough to allow me to do that. And that's ok! I have other hobbies and interests to occupy my time, I don't need to read at every break in my day.

So anyway, I just wanted to share with you the spectacular-ness that is The OwlCrate Society. It is one of the most encouraging, accepting, and positive Facebook groups I have ever seen. Which just goes to show that book-lovers are the best people, amiright?

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  1. Book-lovers ARE the best people! I didn't realize The Owlcrate Society Facebook page was so in depth! I'll have to check it out.