Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me NOT Want to Read A Book

Ugh, I am so behind with reviewing and blogging and life! :( I have been trying (and failing) to blog about my trip to Universal & Disney at the end of March (we're now the end of April? Yeah...). It is a serious struggle between talking about everything, and not writing a novel about a mere 8 days of vacation...

Anyway! We're not here for that, we're here for Top Ten Tuesday! Which I haven't done in ages (and which I missed again. I cannot keep up, y'all!). If you weren't aware, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is ten things that make me not want to read a book. I actually could only come up with nine. Let's dive right in, shall we?

1) Zombies. I'm just not into it, ok? I don't watch The Walking Dead, probably never will, definitely don't want to read about it.

2) Amish. I read a lot of those books when I was younger, and I just can't stomach them anymore. If there's a bonnet on the cover, I will not read it.

3) High School romance. I love YA, love reading about teens who are in high school... but I don't necessarily want to revisit high school. They are either sickeningly sweet (and unrealistic), or extremely immature, and quite frankly, I'm too old for that! I hated high school.

4) Aliens. This one I'm picky about. I read, and loved, the Lorien Legacies and Carve the Mark, and I do like fantasy, but most high fantasy themes just don't intrigue me that much.

5) Cover art. Just being honest, here, but I totally judge books by their covers, and if the cover is ugly, I'm probably not going to read it. I often pick up books for $0.50 at yard sales/thrift stores, which have ugly covers, but the title intrigued me so I read the back and thought it sounded interesting.  I still don't usually read them, though, because there are prettier books to be read. And by the way, no matter how many people gush over how amazing A Court of Mist and Fury series is, I find the covers ugly and I will not read them.

6) Hype. This one's a tricky one too. I mean, generally speaking, I'm as influenced by my peers as anyone else is. I tend to jump on board and read what everyone else is reading. The ones that get too much hype, I tend to stay away from. No, I have not read or watched Game of Thrones. No, I have not read A Court of anything, nor anything else written by Sarah J. Maas, thankyouverymuch.

7) Graphic novels. Nope. Just, no. I enjoy a little bit of artwork in a book, especially in YA and children's lit. But the whole thing? Just pictures? I'm not even gonna touch it.

8) Biographies & autobiographies. Again, depends on the book. I have read the occasional biography and, much rarer, autobiography - they can be interesting. I like hearing about real-life stories, and who better to get the story from than the person in the story? However, it is not my go-to genre, and I am definitely not going to rush out to buy the next new celebrity autobiography. *gag*

9) R rated. If it were to be made into a movie and rated R, chances are, I probably don't want to read it. Admittedly, I find things a lot less shocking/offensive in written word than I do seeing/hearing it on a screen. But for the most part, if a book is explicit sex scenes or is violence-filled, I'm not interested. I can handle one or two scenes, but that's it.

So, yeah! These are the ones I could think of. I'll read just about anything if it's got a pretty cover and I've heard at least one person talk about it (whether good or bad). I do tend to lean more towards dystopian, murder mystery, and thriller genres, but I do branch out on occasion.

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