Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello Again Thursday (Hello December!)

Hey guys, I just thought I'd follow up on last week's non-bookish post about my craft sale preparations...

The sale took place on Saturday, November 26th. It was a nice day: not too cold, a bit of rain & overcast, but no storm. The location was easy to find and seemed to have been advertised locally, so I was still optimistic, right up until 11am. When I found my table, I realized that the tables were packed way too close together. It made for awkward set up, and an even more awkward day as we tried not to bump into the other artisans beside and behind us. That wouldn't have been too bad, but I was also upstairs. I heard from some shoppers that it was the first time they had used this upstairs space for artisans for this event, so I feel like it's possible that people didn't even come up. There were shoppers, but not as many as I would have expected. Artisans were wandering around as well, so it was really hard to tell the shoppers from the organizers and artisans.

In the end, it was a long day. Not a bad day, but a long day. I shared the table with my mom (she had homemade Christmas cards for sale), and I think between both of us we sold around $60 worth of merchandise. It's not bad, but I have done much better at the sale I usually go to.

So, feeling a bit discouraged at the end of the day, I posted the leftover ornaments to my Facebook page, and sold another dozen right off - go figure! I still have some left, if ever anyone is interested. :)

Thanks for listening!

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