Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tag: Harry Potter Spells

Hello Readers,

Hello! Today I will be sharing with you the “Harry Potter Spells Tag”. I was tagged by my friend Paige at This is Paige From Book Club (you can read her post here), which she adapted from a BookTube video. There are ten questions, each derived from a spell found in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.
Here we go!
1. Expecto Patronum: A childhood book connected to good memories.
The Amelia Bedelia & Encyclopedia Brown series. These were some of my favourite books in elementary school, and so I have some very fond memories of picking them out of classroom library shelves to devour, and of course, being so excited to spot them in the Scholastic catalogue!
Amelia Bedelia was a maid always misunderstanding instructions because she was always interpreting English literally - these books introduced me to a silly character who was constantly making mistakes, but always made the most of it and still came out the lovable hero in the end.
Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown was a 10-year-old boy detective. His father was the local police chief, which gave Encyclopedia a unique look into crime solving. He had his own little detective agency where his peers would come to him with mysteries which he would solve (and you were given the clues so you could also try to solve them). These books introduced me to mystery and crime fiction, my favourite genres! I also had a crush on Encyclopedia Brown - what little girl wouldn't crush on a smart, handsome, kind, mystery-solving boy detective?!
2. Expelliarmus: A book that took you by surprise.
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I like thrillers, but I don't actively search for books in this genre because sometimes they're just a bit too creepy for me. Unless I'm in the mood for that kind of thing. This book was definitely creepy, and just what I was looking for at the time. The ending actually took me by surprise. Maybe I'm just not a person who analyzes what I'm reading; perhaps I would have divined the ending ahead of time if I had analyzed a bit more. But happily, I didn't, so I was able to enjoy the surprise ending!
3. Prior Incantato: The last book you read.
Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. I received this book in the October OwlCrate box (read my unboxing post here). The cover art was just beautiful, and the synopsis was too intriguing, I just had to dive into it right away! It was good, but a bit different and much weirder than I was anticipating. It's neither for the faint of heart, nor those who don't like fantasy.
4. Alohamora: A book that introduced you to a genre you had not considered before.
Facing Terror by Carrie McDonnall. This was the first biographical story I ever read which wasn't required reading. The book was given to me as a High School graduation gift by somebody from my church. I love hearing people's stories and real-life adventures, but I don't typically enjoy reading them. I did, however, enjoy this book, and have gone on to read several other biographies and autobiographies. It's still not a favourite genre, but I'm not completely turned off by them.
5. Riddikulus: A funny book you've read.
Hm, I've never really considered this question before, but now that I think about it... I don't think I've read very many "funny" books. I suppose that the Shopaholic books (or anything else by Sophie Kinsella) are amusing to a degree, but as for an outright laugh-out-loud book... I don't know!
6. Sonorus: A book you think everybody should know about.
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I love magic, mystery, romance... and this book contains it all! I don't like to tell people too much about it, just trust me... it's amazing. I can't tell you how many times I have recommended this book. I don't know if the people I've recommended it to have actually read and/or enjoyed it, but that's another story... Haha!
7. Obliviate: A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read.
As much as I enjoyed reading the Twilight Saga at the time, the movies absolutely ruined the books for me. So much so that I never ended up reading the last book of the saga, and have no intention of doing so.
8. Imperio: A book you had to read for school.
So many of the books that I had to read in school became favourites; it's hard to choose one... So instead I'll just list the ones that were particularly striking in my memory: Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson (the first book that made me cry - and the movie adaptation was every bit as good as the book!), The Giver by Lois Lowry (the first book to introduce me to the dystopian genre), Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (just a really impressive story that has stayed with me).
9. Crucio: A book that was painful to read.
I will someday try to go back to finish it, but earlier this year when I tried reading Winter by Marissa Meyer... painful. Hopefully it was just the time when I was reading it. I had been looking forward to finishing up the series, and enjoyed the other books, but I literally had to force myself to read the parts that I did, and eventually just gave up.
10. Avada Kedavra: A book that could kill (interpret as you will).

Sadly, I could not interpret this as anything other than literal, and therefore simply could not think of a single book to fit the description. Sorry, Paige! I did my best!

Since I have nobody to tag, I'll leave it at that. If any of my numerous and adoring readers (haha!) decide to take this challenge, please share the link to your post in the comments below so I can go enjoy your interpretation of the Harry Potter Spells challenge!


  1. Oh my gosh, Flowers for Algernon... my heart. I've never been able to decide if I liked that book or not, but it does stay with you.

    You should definitely try Winter again. I struggled through the first half, but it does pick up. Plus, the ending to the series is completely satisfying, so that makes the read worth it.

    1. I liked Flowers for Algernon because it was so heartbreaking... You know I have a thing for sad stories.

      As for Winter... I will give it another shot someday, but I'm in no hurry. And honestly, there's so many other books to read, I don't even feel like I'm missing the ending, that whole storyline is very vague to me right now. Anyway, we'll see!