Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hello Thursday

Hello Friends,
It doesn't always have to be about books, right? Well, today it's not. Today it's just me chatting about what's up.
I've been trying really hard to get a post published this week, but it's just not happening. I have lots of ideas and so many drafts on the go, but I've just been really busy for the last few weeks and haven't had time to complete anything, and this week is especially crazy. I've been preparing for a Christmas craft sale taking place this weekend...
About a month ago, I heard that there was a possibility of a trip (through an organization I've travelled with before, to a country I've been hoping to visit) next fall that I really want to attend. So even though it's early days and they haven't officially announced the trip yet, I decided I had better start doing what I could to raise funds as soon as possible. Because, while I do have enough currently in my savings account, I'm already planning a trip to Florida this spring with my best friend, and that's going to end up taking a lot of my savings.
In the past, my most reliable methods of fundraising have been bake sales and Christmas craft sales. Since it was just in time for Christmas, I decided to go for it. I started whipping up some of my polymer clay tree ornaments, and found a sale that still had an available spot at a reasonable price and reserved.
I don't have a ton of stuff made up, but I've prepared five each of six different designs, plus a few others. Hopefully my table won't look too bare, and people will buy, buy, buy! :)
Around here, so far anyway, polymer clay is a pretty rare medium to see at craft sales. It's all about knitting, weaving, jewelry-making, toll painting, and card-making in these parts. At any given craft sale you will find at least one artisan selling these wares. So I do have unique-ness on my side. The style of my ornaments does not appeal to everyone, certainly, and I know that (in this area) the prices aren't necessarily what people want to pay for a Christmas ornament (however, I have priced similar sized polymer clay art online and they are about three times the price of mine...), but hopefully it will go well. I usually do pretty well, but I'm not going to the same sale I usually go to. I've never been to this one before, so I don't know how much traffic there will be, or if it's a big-spender crowd or not (most likely not).
So, anyway... all that just to explain my lack of bookish posts on the blog this week. I'll get caught up next week, at some point, I promise.
Until then, wish me luck at my sale! I'll see you all soon.

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