Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book Reviews: May-June

Not sure why I didn't post this yet (maybe I intended to flesh out the descriptions a bit? Hmm... Too bad), but here were some (possibly not all?) of the books I read between May and June...

Hope in a Jar - Beth Harbison Allie is in her late 20's, goes to her HS reunion and reunites with her friend Olivia to mend old wounds. She gets herself a makeover and realizes she's in love with her best friend, Noah. But Noah is engaged, so she has to break up her best friend's engagement in order to be with the one she loves.

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks (Marine finds pic in Afghanistan, considers it his lucky charm. Goes on a quest to find the girl, falls in love, etc. But there are issues when she finds out about the picture and complications from her past.)

The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill (Aminata Diallo is stolen from Africa at 11 years of age, sent to a South Carolina indigo plantation, then gets sold to Charles Town with Lindo Jews, escapes to New York, buys her freedom to Birchtown, Shelburne NS, finds a way back to Sierra Leone to try to get back home, and finally has to escape to England with abolitionists. Loses husband Chekura. Babies Mamadu and May stolen from her.)

Knit Two - Kate Jacobs (second book after Friday Night Knitting Club - how the group deals and heals after Georgia's death.)

Still Missing - Chevy Stevens (told in the form of therapy sessions with a psychiatrist. Annie O'Sullivan, realtor, was abducted after Open House. Held hostage for about a year. Had a dauther named Hope, but she died. She killed her captor in order to escape, but the danger isn't over when she leaves the cabin in the woods. Turns out Mom was behind it all along. There's a love interest with the cop in charge of the case, Gary...)

Death of a Dancer - Caro Peacock (Victorian London murder mystery. Dancer Jenny is accused of killing the famous dancer Columbine at the Augustus theatre and will be hanged. Liberty Lane knows Jenny is innocent and does her best to find the real killer and exonerate Jenny, who is her best friend Daniel's love interest.)

Between Here and April - Deborah Copaken Kogan (Elizabeth Burns comes face to face with a tragedy from her past she thought she had forgotten - the death of her childhood friend April Cassidy. Elizabeth decides to try to find the truth about what happened to April  - the mother, Adele Cassidy, killed herself and 2 daughters with carbon monoxide. In learning more about Adele Cassidy and her undiagnosed PPD, Elizabeth learns more about herself.)

Forecast - Jane Tara (Rowena "Rowie" Shakespeare, is a psychic, from a long matriarchal line. She's a fiery redhead who can predict the weather and see your future with a kiss - and she's never wrong. Drew Henderson is the local weather reporter and heartthrob. When he falls thru a roof covering a tornado story, Rowie gets asked to take his place. Jessie, the producer and Drew's jealous ex, believes that she and Drew were meant to be together, he just needs to see it for himself. So once he's home, she bets Drew that he can't get Rowie to kiss him by the end of the night, and also tells Rowie that she should kiss him and tell him who he's meant to be with so he can get over past heartaches. The energy between them needs no persuasion and Rowie and Drew do kiss, but Rowie doesn't see anything. Is he her One True Love, at last?)

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