Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Reviews: April Reads

April has been a slow reading month for me. The month itself seems to have flown by and lots has happened, which is probably why I haven't been reading as much. In any case, here are the books I've read:

The Importance of Being Married by Gemma Townley. This was quite a fun little story about a girl, Jessica Wild, who just tells one little lie that gets her into a heap of trouble. Jessica never knew who her father was and mother died when she was 2, so her grandmother raised her and Jessica dutifully went to visit her grandmother in the home. Then gram dies leaving Jessica with no family at all. But another lady from the home, Grace, becomes her friend and asks Jessica to continue visiting her, which she does happily. Grace is always asking Jessica about her love life and finally Jessica cracks. What can it hurt to tell an old woman she's got a boyfriend if it makes her happy? So Jessica tells Grace that she has a boyfriend called Anthony Milton - who is, in fact, her handsome boss. Grace is happy, but then Jessica makes the biggest lie of all and tells Grace they got married. But it's worth it to make the older woman so happy, right? Then Grace dies and Jessica learns that Grace was actually quite well to do and left an entire inheritance to Jessica. Jessica Milton, that is. She has 50 days to convince Anthony to marry her so she can get her inheritance. Can she do it?

Before I Wake by Robert J Wiersema. This was a crazy, weird, but good read! It's about this little girl who is involved in a hit and run accident, leaving her in a coma. The doctors said she would never wake up and so her parents made the difficult decision of removing her from life support. She stopped breathing and her heart stopped for a moment, but she continued to live for a year. The driver of the vehicle who hit her disappeared. During the year, they move her home and hire a nurse to help take care of her, her parents separate, and then weird things start happening. The story is told from the point of view of many different people, making it interesting and keeping you on your toes. I won't say anything else that could ruin the ending, but it might have you believing in miracles if you didn't before.

A Breath Away by Rita Herron. This was a really good romance mystery, I got really into it. Violet's childhood was traumatized when her best friend, Darlene, was murdered. Violet's psychic connection to Darlene in those last moments as she tried to tell the searches where to look for the little girl, still haunt her. Then Violet's father sends her away with her grandmother and she never sees him again. Twenty years later, Violet starts having visions again, of dying women, just like when Darlene died. Then they get the shocking news that Violet's father is dead - it looks like suicide, and there was a note near his body saying he killed Darlene. Violet doesn't believe her father was a killer. She goes back to Crow's Landing to bury her father and find the truth. Darlene's older brother, Grady, is now the town sheriff, and Darlene's death still haunts him, too. He is also now on a mission to find the truth, no matter the cost. How is it that Violet has a connection to these women she's never met? And how many secrets can one little town hold?

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah - This was a crazy good read, it had me crying at various points. It's a chilling tale of one woman's escape from Soviet Russia, and the journey she and her daughters make from strangers to family, with a happy, surprising twist at the end. :)

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